Module Quiz: Becoming a Highly Effective Employee

This quiz consists of 18 multiple choice questions derived from the lessons included in this module and should take you approximately 25 minutes to complete.

You must earn an 70% on this quiz to earn your certificate for this course.  You may take the quiz as many times as you wish, and your highest score will be counted. Once you are finished taking the quiz, click on the “View questions” button to review the correct answers.

Before you begin:

  • Find a space where you will not be interrupted for at least 20 to 30 minutes;
  • Make sure you have a reliable Internet connection;
  • If you are using a laptop or tablet device, check that your computer battery is charged or you have a power cable available.

When you are ready, click “Start Activity.”

  1. Use the “Next” and “Back” buttons to move to the next question.
  2. When you have answered all of the questions click on the “Finish Activity” button.
  3. After your responses are recorded, you can review the quiz by clicking on the “View Questions” button.

When you are finished, click the “Click Here to Continue” button to move to the next module.