Business Writing and Communication

Develop valuable skills like writing great emails, creating reports that make an impact, and making public presentations that win people over to your ideas.

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8 Modules

Welcome to the Learning Lot Company Learning Portal. We’re excited to have you as a new employee in our Customer Service division. We use this portal for employee professional development, and also as a place to access important employee documents, such as our Company Handbook and S-O-S Work Philosophy manual.

As a company, we believe that the key to our success is our culture of quality, service, and problem ownership. To help develop that culture, we ask that every new Customer Service employee complete our training course in Business Writing and Communication. This course will help you develop the skills you need to deliver award-winning service to our customers and to our company.

Here are some specific things we’ll cover in this course.

  • Listening and Communication Skills for the Workplace,
  • Interpersonal Communication and Teamwork,
  • Writing Basics,
  • Writing Emails, Proposals, and Reports
  • Public Speaking,
  • and Business Presentations.

This course contains 8 modules, each with multiple lessons that support varied approaches to help you learn and engage with course topics, including video, readings, and interactivities.

Click on the module Becoming a Highly Effective Employee below to view the first module introduction and access the module lessons.